Civil : Ongoing

Sr No. Type of work Work Executed for (Name of the Institution/Body) Nature of work (in Brief) Value Rs.
1 CIVIL AND STRUCTURAL WORKS CIVIL WORK & STRUCTURAL WORK ERDA Civil Construction Work of 1200 kVp High Voltage Laboratory at plot No. K-V-2/A at GIDC, Savli 156 Lakhs*
2 CIVIL AND STRUCTURAL WORKS NaTCP Powder Godown Building & SFD Structure Transmetal Limited 77Lakhs.*
3 CIVIL WORK GSFC Replacement of AC sheet by non asbestos high tech corrugated cement sheet from roof of rock silo 1 ( old silo ) in PA Plant. 43 Lakhs.*
4 CIVIL & STRUCTURAL WORK GSFC Construction of main plant building for Urea phosphate Unit 42 Lakhs.*
5 CIVIL & STRUCTURAL WORK GSFC Civil & Structural work for 2500 NM3/ Nitrogen plant Building and panel room in GSFC factory area. 36.26 Lakhs*
6 INDUSTRIAL PAINTING WORK GSFC Supplying and applying Anti Corrosive Painting to the structures, equipment, piping etc. of various plant for the year 2008-2009. 33.95Lakhs*
7 CIVIL WORK GSFC Replacement of carpet by anti-skit vitrified tiles at various locations in GSFC complex 31 Lakhs*
8 CIVIL WORK CETHAR VESSELS LIMITED Construction of Boiler foundation & chimney foundation at GSFC 22.26 Lakhs*
9 CIVIL WORK GSFC Construction of RCC Sump, Pump room, pump tank for water supply system to Fertilizernagar Township 18.70 Lakhs*